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Spill Stopper Mug Holder with Rubber Coaster

Spill Stopper Mug Holder with Rubber Coaster

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Meet your new sidekick in the battle against spills – the No-Spill Coffee Mug Holder! This isn't your average mug holder; it's the ultimate spill stopper, a coffee and tea cup artifact designed to defy gravity and keep your brew exactly where it belongs – in your cup, not on your lap. Crafted with the precision of a beverage guardian, this unspillable drink cup holder is here to revolutionize your sipping experience. The No-Spill Coffee Mug Holder is not just a practical accessory; it's a statement of war against spills, a declaration that you can enjoy your favorite drink without fear of accidents. Professionally designed for both fun and function, this spill stopper adds a touch of whimsy to your coffee routine. So, why settle for a precarious coffee dance when you can sip confidently with our spill stopper? Upgrade your beverage game, embrace the spill-free lifestyle, and let the No-Spill Coffee Mug Holder redefine the way you enjoy your favorite brew. Because in the world of coffee accessories, a spill-free sip is a sip well-taken!



Product name: Spill Stopper Mug Holder
Color: Black
Material: Plastics
Size: About 22 x 10 x 13cm/8.66 x 3.93x 5.12inch(L*W*H)
Tea Saucer diameter: About 7.8 cm/3.07Inch


Package Includes:
1 * Spill Stopper Mug Holder

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