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Diamond Masked 3D T Shirt

Diamond Masked 3D T Shirt

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Elevate your streetwear game with the best-in-class Ih nom uh nit T Shirt. Designed for those who appreciate the fusion of hip hop and fashion, this unique 3D tee features a diamond-masked motif that exudes a sense of style and mystery. Crafted from high-quality skateboard cotton, this T-shirt offers a superior blend of comfort and durability. Embrace the urban culture and make a statement with this fashion-forward piece that captures the essence of streetwear in impeccable 1:1 quality.




Recommended Weight/Size:
S   : Weight: 45-55kg
M   : Weight: 55-65kg
L   : Weight: 65-75kg
XL  : Weight: 75-85kg
2XL : Weight: 85-100kg
3XL : Weight: 100-115kg

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